Winter White

That white fluffy powder – it just keeps coming down in New England.  We’ve had four school snow days in four weeks.  I gaze at the accumulating inches outside my window . . . .  and I think about how this frozen water, a neutral substance, takes on meaning to so many people. 

Through one lens, it’s a major inconvenience, through another, a skier’s paradise.  For one, it’s work and more work, for another, a cause for hibernation and hot tea.  Some wait for the snow to pass, others can’t wait for it to arrive.

Isn’t it curious how our perspective can create either beauty or misery?  If I choose to see the hassle associated with snow storms, I will see it.  And likewise, if I choose to see the inherent beauty, I will find it.

Although I have no control over winter, I do have some control over my perspective.  White becomes rosy or grey depending on the lens that I choose.  At the very least, I can be mindful that my filter always affects my reality.  After all, the snow just comes down as snow does, innocently, spreading its winter white.

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