#1 The Spanish Butterfly Blog: Expansion and Transformation

When I was 17, during the hot, hot summer of 1980, I left my hometown of Dallas, Texas with a group of students to live for 9 weeks in Segovia, Spain. Before I left, my mother said, “This trip is going to change your life.” And so it did.  

My world exploded beyond the bounds of the predictable suburban south. I fell in love with a boy, in love with Spain, in love with the Spanish language, and in love with travel. In truth, during that magical time, I fell in love with life. That summer, I tasted adventure, joy, and expansion. Like a butterfly, I felt transformed.

And now, celebrating my 60th year of life, I’m returning to the land that opened my eyes to a wider world. For three months, my husband and I will be exploring and reflecting. Through my own psycho-spiritual lens, I’ll be chronicling our adventures in this blog, a travel memoir of sorts.

So hold on and come along for the ride of expansion and transformation. Come see Spain with me through all my lenses: wife, mother, singer, psychotherapist and writer. What might we discover through this 99 day adventure? Come with me to…  

Sevilla for Holy Week – the largest Semana Santa in the world

Cadiz – an ancient Roman outpost

Toledo – home of the painter El Greco

Southern France – A meditation retreat with teacher Miranda Macpherson

Lourdes – a place of Mary miracles

Barcelona and Madrid – renowned cosmopolitan cities

Peniscola – a small but ancient coastal town

London – The heart of Great Britain (and where I spent a year during college)

For a total of 15 weekly blogs, I’ll share reflections on some of my favorite themes:  loss and transcendence, self-love, abundance, fear, home, Light and Love, miracles and connection, self-care, conscious aging, inner peace, impermanence and acceptance. See you in Spain!

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