What Door is Opening for You?

September is a mixed bag for me.  On the one hand, it heralds the end of those especially sweet long summer days.  The season’s playfulness starts to ebb away with the longer, cooler nights of September.

On the other hand, even as I zip up my fleece, I’m also aware of a new energy that sweeps me up in its realm of possibility.  The school year brings renewed routine, hope, inquiry.  Mosquitos are noticeably absent and the bounty of harvest is bursting forth.

With every transition, with every loss, with every closed door there is also a door that opens.  Often we spend so much time focusing on the closed door that our heart closes with it.  The closed door is real, to be sure, and needs to be grieved.  However, those who get stuck in their sadness tend to forget to turn their heads and look for the open doors.

When you make that shift in attitude and scan for new doors, you invite possibility.  What September doors beg to be knocked upon?  For me, door #1 is my chorus rehearsals starting up again.  Behind another door, the season premier of my favorite television show.  Behind door #3 the honking geese as they make their way south.  And best of all, a door a little further down the corridor . . . apple cider donuts.

What door is opening for you?

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4 thoughts on “What Door is Opening for You?

  1. deborah

    I enjoyed reading your article so much that it gives me hope. Just thinking about the month of September and all of the doors one can open. I have lost my only two son’s, one at 22 and the other at 23 yrs. old three years ago. Life has not been easy for me. I am going to open a few doors this month and going to make the best of each one. Door one: get to that cemetery and change all of the old fades summer flowers to rich colored red and gold fall ones and leave pumpkins. Door two; go apple picking and bake those pies! Door three: Get out all of my sweaters and fall clothes and put these 15 bathing suites away! Thank you so much for the inspiration! Deborah Santos

  2. AshleyAshley Post author

    Dear Deborah,
    Thank you so much for your comment. I am so sorry to hear about your multiple profound losses. Yes, even then, doors open. Good for you for keeping your eyes open and finding the doors. Wishing you peace, Ashley